Isoduffle Kai Greene Edition

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Isolator Fitness has teamed up with 2-time Arnold Classic Champion, Kai Greene, to create the exclusive Kai Greene Collection! This Kai Greene Collection Isoduffle™ features the Kai Greene Logo front and the Dynamik Muscle branding! In addition, Kai Greene Isoduffle™ features a removable meal storage area.

• 2 mesh side pockets to hold water bottles, wallet, cell phone, etc., 1 side zipper pocket (extendable)
• Includes: 8 leak resistant meal containers (2) 12oz., (2) 16oz., (2) 28oz., (2) 38oz., 2 Isobricks, and 1 attachable shoulder strap.
• Front zipper pocket with smaller mesh pockets inside for additional, separate storage.
• Dimension: 22″x14″x10″ (LxWxH)


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Product Description

Isolator Fitness has teamed up with 2-time Arnold Classic Champion, Kai Greene, to create the exclusive Kai Greene Collection! On top of being one of the most inspirational bodybuilders of his time, Kai is also known for his artistic abilities, and he’s been able to express his passion in this new collection. Kai has helped design the graphics on all of the Isolator Fitness bags in his collection. Kai and Isolator share many core values, including creating only the highest quality products right here in the USA and helping all people to feel empowered to reach their health and fitness goals. The ISODUFFLE is great for carrying anything and everything you need for your day. It’s great for transporting all of your workout gear from home, to work, to the gym, all while using the same durable bag. With two convenient side mesh pockets that hold anything from a water bottle or a protein shaker, to a cell phone or wallet, the space-efficient build of the ISODUFFLE is a necessity to anyone juggling several bags and looking for a one-stop-shop for all your daily needs. The ISODUFFLE contains one side zipper pocket that extends to hold anything from dirty gym clothes, sneakers, or a spare outfit that you don’t want to smell like your gym bag. This spacious compartment allows you to keep certain objects separate from others, such as food or dirty clothes/sneakers. The ISODUFFLE also includes an insulated ad-in to house your food containers and keep them cool throughout the day. The duffle includes 8 containers (2-12 oz., 2-16 oz., 2-28 oz., 2-38 oz.) and 2-7 oz. Isobricks. The ISODUFFLE is also great for carrying all of your gym clothes, extra water bottles, and post workout snacks. The smaller front pocket contains two more small mesh pockets that are great for easy access so your keys, headphones, or cell phone don’t get lost in your bag. Isolator Fitness is committed to creating Eco-friendly, durable products built to withstand regular use. The ISODUFFLE is available in fuchsia, red, and blackout and each comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for your comfort and convenience.


Meal Capacity 6-8 Meals


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